Bridging the Gap Learning Academy started out in 2010 as a vision of Rev. Samuel L. Whitlow, Jr.  called Camp Calvary.  Rev. Whitlow pulled together a team of talented indivuduals who took time and pride in building a legacy of learning and academic development during out of school time for children
ages 6 through 13.  

Once out of the gate, BTGLA grew to become a vital out-of-school learning catalyst in the community.  Local organizations partner as our strategic alliances to help us in providing low income and under-served families a safe and structured environment where children can learn, grow and develop. 

We offer programming for enriching the child, programming such as bullying and grooming along with the basis - Reading, Writing, Science and Math. Smim lessons, field trips and tennis lessons are also a vital part of our effort to empower these age groups. 

Of recent, we've adopted the mantra, "hope, dream, believe".